OMG I gave permission

i was listening to some channeled material and st germain was asking if we’re ready to “Go Beyond”.

For about 5 mins St G talks about how if we gave permission to Go Beyond our life would change and the changes might be drastic.

I’m sorta playing with the idea of well how drastic could changes in my life be. I’ve already Let Go of so much.

St G says we don’t need to decide now, that the space will be kept open, we can come back later and decide etc. etc And I FEEL that I have decided to wait and come back later.

Then St G continues saying but we’re at a fork in the road and people who give permission will go down one fork and those who do not will go down the other fork so in a minute he’s going to ask who gives permission.

And at that moment I became conscious that my soul / consciousness whatever HAD GIVEN PERMISSION and little human me is sitting here thinking / feeling Oh Wow I get the concept ..AND.. OMG I gave permission.

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getting my neighbor’s stuff to the nearby thrift store.

I had decided to walk to the mall for some cigarettes. As I was putting on my shoes I had the thought to knock on my neighbor’s door to see if she wanted to walk with me. When my neighbor opened her door I saw 5/6 garbage bags full of stuff that she had cleared out of her closets and was wondering how she would get them to the nearby thrift store.

After a bit of discussion we decided that we could use my car and park in the “no parking area” with the flashers on and after helping my neighbor unload her stuff I would stay with the car while she tossed the bags thru the door of the thrift shop.

Driving home she & I talked about how amazing it was that I chose that morning to knock on her door and that I had the means to help her do what she wanted to do.

Later reviewing the events I formulated a theory as to what happened. The theory goes like this: Friday evening my neighbor looked at the 5/6 bags and thought: how am I going to get these to the thrift store? This thought-form then started a Google search and at 10 am the next morning matched up with my thought-form of going for cigarettes. I was the perfect Solution for my neighbor and in my ear was put the suggestion to knock on my neighbor’s door.

So I think that we can Create by saying “I Choose to get these bags to the thrift store” it worked for my neighbor

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a collapsing timeline that contained a clone of me.

i just woke from an interesting sleep experience. it seemed i had come across or entered a timeline that was collapsing and that timeline contained a clone of me. a clone with almost zippo life force.

instinctively i found myself jumpstarting the life force of the clone who managed to increase her life force to about 40% before the timeline finished its collapse and off the clone of me went.

next i felt a prod on my right heel like a needle prod and i sensed a being/entity that was doing the prodding. she & i did a bit of huffing & puffing at each other until i realised that as i strengthened my huffing & puffing she got stronger. so i decided to change tactics and soften what i was directing her way at which point she also softened.

i had a moment of doubt whether or not i was being fooled by her “surrender” but part of me chose to say ok you can now choose. huff & puff or soften and i rolled over in bed turning my back to her.

didn’t hear from her again

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the power/seduction of the mind

I was experiencing a computer glitch possibly as a result of ignoring the Microsoft rules of their “word starter program” not supporting content that had been brought from facebook.
coupled with timing that would suggest that Microsoft is discontinuing to support this “basic word document program” I found myself unable to open any of my word documents. kept seeing “access denied”
well dammit I WANT to see the content of those “word documents” which contain my numerous musings, ahas etc over the years.

so in between intuitively clicking away at things on the computer which i really know nothing about .. in between I sit outside for a smoke
and during one of my smoke breaks I was taking in the absolute perfection and magic of my backyard. the air was so still, everything was clear and bright, the sun was literally dancing off the water ! and I could feel myself being energized and expanded !

UNTIL my mind started reviewing what I had been doing on the computer, what I could possibly do next etc.

and of course the mind’s idea of what I could do next did not work !


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my “cat-sit” experience

Recently i did a “cat-sit” for a family for whom i had “cat-sat” last year and the 2 experiences helped me realize a big “aha” last year the cat was “newly acquired” and was being groomed to be an “indoor cat”. I found it quite discomforting to observe the cat sitting on the window-sill pining to be outside. and regardless of how much i attempted to entertain her she spent a lot of time wandering around bored to be with just me as opposed to the school-aged children and their friends.

This year i was delighted to find that the cat is now an “outdoor cat” who came and went freely which meant i could do the same and without experiencing any of the discomforts of last time. Plus there was no litter box to clean

My “aha” came when the cat-sit was over and it came time for me to be paid for my services. Last year after experiencing some discomfort during my stay i gratefully accepted the $s offered. This year having had a wonderful time which in many ways felt like a mini-holiday i found myself professing that the $s offered were too much.

And then i realized that i had a belief …. that experiencing discomfort justifies receiving $s and having a free & joyful experience does not justify such receiving. Which distilled down means i did not belief that i could justify receiving $s for doing something i enjoyed doing. I am sooooo happy to have unearthed that one.

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where do I take my garbage ?

I love getting directions in a small town
where do I take my garbage ?
oh there’s a disposal bin up the road a bit
I think it’s the 2nd turn on your left
don’t count the first turn to your left. that goes to the marina
i’m pretty sure it’s the 2nd left turn after the turn to the marina
it’s just past George’s place.
you may see his red truck in the yard
after you turn left you go up the road for a bit
you’ll come to a couple of little stores
you get the key for the garbage bin at the liquor store.

i’m happy to report that my garbage is now in the bin
even tho George’s red truck wasn’t in the yard

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releasing the energy of my previous attraction to this man.

Who did I run into on the sidewalk, but an ex-partner who I felt had deceived and betrayed me. As we started talking, it felt like my head was split into a front part and a back part. The back part was replaying my litany of old complaints and accusations. Meanwhile the front part was having a pleasant conversation even genuinely extending some thanks for things I had learned during our relationship. As I said Goodbye and began walking away, I could feel that I was releasing not only my sense of hurt and betrayal but also the energy of my previous attraction to this man.

A few days after this encounter, I was sitting on a bench at the beach when a man approached and asked if he could join me. We then proceeded to have a most amazing conversation. And part of what I found so amazing about the conversation was that while one part of me knew that the guy was telling me “lies” and seemed to know what things to talk about to pique my interest, another part of me was resonating with the energy that he was putting out.

Over the next month this resonance within me surfaced each time I saw the man, though I never spoke with him again. After that month, I would see him and find it almost laughable that I had ever resonated with him. What I have come to believe is that he picked up on the energy that I was releasing and that’s the energy in which we resonated with each other.

And I considered how previously when I’ve chosen to release something I expected that the release would be immediate. So, when I found myself resonating with the next man, house, or job, I thought that I was resonating from a new energy within myself. But maybe when we are releasing an energy, we are highly susceptible to attracting a similar energy situation to the one we are releasing and we need to be vigilant of the situations we attract until the released energy has totally cleared our energy field.

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