A bird in my house

i was at my computer with the door open to allow more sun into the house. suddenly I hear mad fluttering at the window just behind my back. I glance over my shoulder and there is a bird fluttering against the inside of the closed window

as I am wondering how one goes about getting a bird out of one’s house the bird does a 180 and flies back out the open door.

Later doing some pondering i thought how at the time of discovering the bird frantically fluttering at my closed window my thoughts were strictly 3d.

NOW i’m “thinking” .. bird frantically flapping/fluttering trying to escape through a window that looks like an opening BUT is actually closed.

Then all of a sudden something tells the bird to turn in the opposite direction and VOILA easy flying out the open door .. hmmmm

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how the title came about

here’s the story of how the title came about ……

I was working away at my computer when suddenly the monitor screen went blank.  Almost simultaneously there was a huge bang, like a transformer had blown outside my apartment building.  Seconds later the monitor screen clicked back on.

The next day I was talking with a neighbor who said that his monitor screen had not shut off, possibly because he had a heavy-duty surge protector.  So I headed off to the computer shop to upgrade my surge protector.

I came home to find that neither my computer monitor nor my telephone answering machine would work when connected to this new surge protector.  So I head back to the computer store to explain the situation to the clerk who says, “Oh, we should have told you that you need to hook things up in a certain sequence.”

I then say that I also need some compressed air to clean my computer.  The clerk says “we have this new improved brand that has no chemicals and so is much more environmentally friendly and also eliminates the danger of getting chemicals into your computer.  The drawback is that it’s about three times more expensive”.  I decide that in the interest of the environment and of my computer, I will go for the improved brand.

I get home, insert a canister into the casing and start spraying my computer.  In about 10 seconds the canister is empty.  Thinking that maybe the canister was defective, I insert the second canister.  Same thing.  Ten seconds of spraying and the canister is empty.

I go back to the store and say that I have a problem with this.  The clerk (a different clerk from the previous day) says “Oh, we should have told you that you need to spray in short little bursts, not in one continuous spray”.

So now I’m sitting here wondering – what is the significance of me getting the message of “Oh we should have told you” two days in a row – especially since the 2nd clerk didn’t ask whether I had sprayed continuously or in spurts.

And part of me is screaming:

“What else is there that “you should have told me”?

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a raccoon stood up on his hind legs

i had a dawn encounter with a raccoon. i was sitting on a bench. raccoon was about 5/6 feet away. first on all 4’s looking towards me. then he stood up on his hind legs. first time i’ve seen a raccoon do that. i first felt he was curious. later felt he might be considering attacking me. i came back inside.

Later thinking more about my time when i felt the raccoon was contemplating whether it might attack. i suddenly remembered about 20 yrs ago being on a canoe trip and seeing an angry moose on a small island we were paddling past. the moose glared at us and then ran up over a small ridge and down an incline as we rounded a corner. i had the thought shit that moose is contemplating swimming out to our canoe.

when i was recounting this story to a metaphysical friend he said holy shit do you know how much fear you have to be carrying to manifest an angry moose.

so today i thought about the size of the raccoon and remembered the size of the moose and thought holy shit i have released a lot of fear in 20 yrs

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money and being in the flow.

i was reading an article about how once you begin to shift your mindset your entire experience with money begins to change.

My response to this article is that i have had a variety of experiences re money & flow. once even going to the grocery store and thinking omg prices have taken a jump. but when i breathed and continued to shop i found that many of my “stock items” were the usual price and my favorite coffee was actually 1/2 price. that time i bought only a few items and the next time i returned to the store prices seemed to be back to “normal”.

as i was typing i wondered about timeline jumping. earlier i had wondered about our trust being tested. Regardless in my experience it hasn’t been a matter of stepping into the flow and being able to stay there. there seems to be a period of wobbling.

i am finding it helpful to take limited or only necessary action during the out of flow times and being more adventurous during the times of being in the flow.

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“you live here now”

i was doing some “porch sitting” and was pretty much lost in gazing at the water when into my awareness floated the phrase “you live here now” with equal emphasis on the words “here’ and “now”. this brought me a bit out of water-gazing mode and more into focus.

then i was brought scene after scene which involved the phrase “you live here now”
each scene involved 2 parts which somewhat balanced or contrasted with each other

for example in one scene i was a small girl maybe 6/7 years old
in part A it felt like i had been removed from my family of slaves, brought to the “main house” and told “you live here now” (i sensed as a servant)
in part B i was in an orphanage and taken to a large elaborate house and told “you live here 
now” (i sensed as part of the family, that i had been adopted)

so scene after scene with 2 parts which somewhat balanced or contrasted with each other 

then the “mood” changed a bit and it felt that it now also involved non-physical aspects. like i was bringing in some aspects that had never been here/to earth and saying to them “you live here now”. this time it felt less like displacement (as had the opening scenes) and more like a reunion or welcoming.

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fortifying my “feeling abundant”

for the past couple of years i have been fortifying my “feeling abundant” by no longer watching / checking as my groceries are being rung up. i do whatever i feel like doing during that time and when the cashier announces the total i happily pay that amount.

earlier this week i stopped for a couple of packs of cigarettes and when the cashier announced the total my mind jumped in and said whaaaat that much for 2 packs of cigarettes. so i double checked with the cashier who said oh i’m sorry i charged you for 3 packs.

then today i had a mirror image of that experience when i picked up a couple of small items at the hardware store. when the cashier announced the total my mind jumped in and said whaaaat so little for those 2 items. so i double checked with the cashier who said oh i’m sorry one item didn’t register.

and the really funny / weird thing is that my “overcharge” earlier in the week was almost to the penny the amount of my “undercharge” today. i feel there’s a cosmic wink in there somewhere.

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reflecting on discernment

I’ve been reflecting on discernment prompted by a memory of visiting with a friend who was telling me about a book she was reading and about which she was very excited.

while the topic of the book didn’t really interest me I listened for a few minutes mostly enjoying my friend’s pleasure in the topic.

after a few minutes my enjoyment turned to boredom and then to omg are you totally oblivious to the fact that I have absolutely no interest in this topic.

at the time I came away asking if I wanted to see this friend again . cos she was so insensitive

this morning I’m thinking perhaps what I saw/felt as insensitivity on her part was because she did not grow up in an environment where she learned to ‘read” how others felt about what she was saying.

the upside of this . for those of us who did grow up learning to “read” others and their responses. is that we may have an easier time with discernment which many are saying will be crucial in the days ahead

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