Now the time is upon us

We are your Angelic Team, those who have known you in other lifetimes and in other Realities. We come here now to assist you as you take this very important next step, important both in your own development and in the development of Humanity. We Thank You for your Agreement to take this step and for the courage that you show by doing so.

We have All of Us awaited and hoped for this next step for eons of time. And we are grateful and excited that it has now arrived. It is like a Birth. The gestation period has been long and at times arduous. At times we wondered if Indeed there would ever be Completion and Fruition.

Now the time is upon us.

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finding a job

What about my present refusal to accept that finding a job will be as hard as other people are saying it will be?

It is a mirror for you to see how people believing that the universe is unfriendly, tends to make it so for them. That is why you were given the experience of finding the Group Home job. So that you could remember that when you are clear and focused on your Intent, then it happens.

At the time that you received that job, you had a Belief that it would happen, and it did. However at that time you were still operating intellectually, you were not in touch with your emotions. Now that you are getting in touch with your emotions, you are finding things a bit more confusing because your fears are surfacing.

So what do I do now?

Now you feel your feelings. Feel your fear. Feel your sadness. Allow each feeling. Tell each feeling that it is OK for it to be there. We will help you with this. We have been waiting a long time for you to get in touch with your feelings.

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the nudge to return to my apartment.

I had been wondering how to catch the shuttle bus to the airport. As I was walking to my car I realized that I had forgotten my cigarettes in my apartment. I felt nudged to go back up to the apartment to get them as opposed to stopping at the corner store to buy another pack.

Coming back down in the elevator, I talked with a man carrying a suitcase and learned that the shuttle bus stopped at the nearby local hotel.

Aha! So that’s why I had felt the nudge to return to my apartment.

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my security is tied to me NOT getting what i want

recently i had an amazing evening/night. it started with an email about the upcoming group call of a course i was taking and saying we can submit questions. Later i was lying down thinking of what questions i might submit and i remembered my fear of being homeless. next came a memory of years ago when i chose to quit my job and rent a waterfront cabin even though it meant selling my house which i had always looked at as being my security.

Then i thought of a session i had with a karma clearing guy who suggested i look deeply into what i resented and i thought i don’t really resent anything at the moment. but somehow i got on to that i resent that i no longer have a house. which led to i resent that i can’t have what i want. 

which got back to my 6 yr old self not being able to have what she wanted by being advanced at school (long story that took me decades to unravel but basically it had been proposed that i be advanced to my older brother’s grade and somehow even at 6 i knew that would not be a good thing. so i cried & vomited so much that the idea was dismissed.

Decades later i got the aha that the reason it wouldn’t have been a good thing was that i was more academically inclined than my older brother and would have surpassed him in grades . which would not have set well with my dad who believed that men were inherently smarter than women so facing his daughter getting better grades than her older brother would have thrown my father’s thinking into disarray. 

So last night i remembered my 6 yr old unconscious fear of if i chose what i wanted by being advanced at school i feared blowing apart my family and then who would take care of me. and i thought aha that’s where security comes in. my security is tied to me NOT getting what i want.

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A bird in my house

i was at my computer with the door open to allow more sun into the house. suddenly I hear mad fluttering at the window just behind my back. I glance over my shoulder and there is a bird fluttering against the inside of the closed window

as I am wondering how one goes about getting a bird out of one’s house the bird does a 180 and flies back out the open door.

Later doing some pondering i thought how at the time of discovering the bird frantically fluttering at my closed window my thoughts were strictly 3d.

NOW i’m “thinking” .. bird frantically flapping/fluttering trying to escape through a window that looks like an opening BUT is actually closed.

Then all of a sudden something tells the bird to turn in the opposite direction and VOILA easy flying out the open door .. hmmmm

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how the title came about

here’s the story of how the title came about ……

I was working away at my computer when suddenly the monitor screen went blank.  Almost simultaneously there was a huge bang, like a transformer had blown outside my apartment building.  Seconds later the monitor screen clicked back on.

The next day I was talking with a neighbor who said that his monitor screen had not shut off, possibly because he had a heavy-duty surge protector.  So I headed off to the computer shop to upgrade my surge protector.

I came home to find that neither my computer monitor nor my telephone answering machine would work when connected to this new surge protector.  So I head back to the computer store to explain the situation to the clerk who says, “Oh, we should have told you that you need to hook things up in a certain sequence.”

I then say that I also need some compressed air to clean my computer.  The clerk says “we have this new improved brand that has no chemicals and so is much more environmentally friendly and also eliminates the danger of getting chemicals into your computer.  The drawback is that it’s about three times more expensive”.  I decide that in the interest of the environment and of my computer, I will go for the improved brand.

I get home, insert a canister into the casing and start spraying my computer.  In about 10 seconds the canister is empty.  Thinking that maybe the canister was defective, I insert the second canister.  Same thing.  Ten seconds of spraying and the canister is empty.

I go back to the store and say that I have a problem with this.  The clerk (a different clerk from the previous day) says “Oh, we should have told you that you need to spray in short little bursts, not in one continuous spray”.

So now I’m sitting here wondering – what is the significance of me getting the message of “Oh we should have told you” two days in a row – especially since the 2nd clerk didn’t ask whether I had sprayed continuously or in spurts.

And part of me is screaming:

“What else is there that “you should have told me”?

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a raccoon stood up on his hind legs

i had a dawn encounter with a raccoon. i was sitting on a bench. raccoon was about 5/6 feet away. first on all 4’s looking towards me. then he stood up on his hind legs. first time i’ve seen a raccoon do that. i first felt he was curious. later felt he might be considering attacking me. i came back inside.

Later thinking more about my time when i felt the raccoon was contemplating whether it might attack. i suddenly remembered about 20 yrs ago being on a canoe trip and seeing an angry moose on a small island we were paddling past. the moose glared at us and then ran up over a small ridge and down an incline as we rounded a corner. i had the thought shit that moose is contemplating swimming out to our canoe.

when i was recounting this story to a metaphysical friend he said holy shit do you know how much fear you have to be carrying to manifest an angry moose.

so today i thought about the size of the raccoon and remembered the size of the moose and thought holy shit i have released a lot of fear in 20 yrs

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