i woke feeling “dry”

this morning i woke feeling “dry”

different than having a dry mouth or feeling dehydrated.

more like sand or chalk especially my brain and 3rd eye.

like my body fluids were low or had been drained.

took several minutes of sitting outside before i felt back to normal balance.

i had woken in the night and noticed the indicator light on my laptop was on

tho usually i am quite reliable about shutting my laptop off at night

as it sits on a desk in my bedroom

and i tell myself that shutting it off might reduce the effect of wifi in the room.

so last night my computer was on while i slept.

might be a connection especially as i hold the thought that there might be.

later i wondered if i unearthed a memory of having been embalmed.

off to google that process

The methods of embalming, or treating the dead body, that the ancient Egyptians used is called mummification.

Using special processes, the Egyptians removed all moisture from the body, leaving only a dried form that would not easily decay.

aha !

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dancing wisps of blue

behind closed eyelids i saw a black & blue explosion

a vision that i have viewed many times before tho not recently.

it felt like i was seeing only with my left eye.

i decided to confirm this left eye only theory

and felt my left eyelid being gently + slowly pried open.

when my eye was open to a slit

it was like there were 2 images or versions of the same image.

one behind my eyelid

and one in front of my eyelid external to my body.

i even momentarily questioned if i had created the external version

or if it had escaped thru the slit.

then i opened my left eye

and the external version of the explosion morphed

into little wisps of only the blue.

the black was gone.

i felt the little wisps were alive.

they danced like the northern lights.

one at a time as i recall.

individual little orbs or waves.

i laid there watching them

marveling that i wasn’t afraid.

they stayed maybe a minute. perhaps allowing me to get used to them.

i sensed they were open to communication but i wasn’t quite ready.

chose to just lie there and get used to their presence.

later. maybe even a separate dream/vision

i felt myself being lifted on a platform or magic carpet by several of these blue beings.

i thought “going home” maybe even heard that telepathically from them.

at which point my practical mind kicked in

and i thought of the paperwork mess that my daughter would be left with if i left the planet now.

then i looked around to see if my son was there.

felt like i stopped or lowed liftoff with each practical thought / consideration

and the scene stopped.

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ascension and descension

as i see it,

embodied enlightenment

is about both ascension and descension.

the physical ascends

and the non-physical descends.

and when the non-physical descends

it pushes out all of our cellular memories

thus cluttering our mind, body & emotions.

the important thing

is that when these cellular memories are being pushed out

that we not get trapped by thinking yikes i’m going backwards.

we’re not going backwards

we’re clearing out our systems.

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money & flow

i have had a variety of experiences re money & flow.

once even going to the grocery store

and thinking omg prices have taken a jump.

but when i breathed and continued to shop

i found that many of my “stock items” were the usual price

and my favorite coffee was actually 1/2 price.

that time i bought only a few items

and the next time i returned to the store

prices seemed to be back to “normal”.

as i was typing i wondered about timeline jumping.

earlier i had wondered about our trust being tested.


in my experience it hasn’t been a matter of stepping into the flow

and being able to stay there.

there seems to be a period of wobbling.

i am finding it helpful to take limited or only necessary action during the out of flow times

and being more adventurous during the times of being in the flow

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message to “stay put”

contemplating yet another move,

i got a message to “stay put”.

which i ignored cos it didn’t suit my mind’s plans.

but stay put i did. cos none of my attempts to move worked out.

now several months later

i realise the “stay put” message was about more than my geographical location.

it was also about how i had spent my life chasing.

chasing the next job, the next house, the next relationship.

and i also realised that i had chased and never “stayed put”

because i had never committed to “being here”.

hell there were even times when i resented being here.

and i seemed to have a memory that this was not to be a permanent thing.

that it was a mission of sorts.

and when it was over i would be going home.

so many cellular memories came bubbling to the surface.

even of times when everything in my life had been going well.

and it was like there had been a little voice in my head that said.

don’t get too comfortable, remember we’re not staying.

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we need to “feel it to heal it”

i was doing some “beditating”

when i touched upon a memory/feeling that was not pleasant to remember/feel.

into my awareness floated that we need to “feel it to heal it”

so i directed my focus to “feeling” the emotion /memory.

as i focused and breathed the feeling/memory intensified

and i congratulated myself that i was finally healing this memory/emotion.

then i felt an adverse energy/acknowledgement arising.

this energy/acknowledgement suggested that by focusing on “healing” the feeling/memory

i was trying to change it

thus in fact rejecting it.

oh my !

so i relaxed my focus on healing the feeling/memory

and allowed the energy of allowing to brush up against it.

that felt good.

it’ll be interesting to see how it all feels next time that feeling /memory surfaces.

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wearing a “just choose it” gown

i have never gotten the “just choose your reality” program.

i could do the choosing my reaction to something that had happened bit but not the proactive choosing bit.

well last night during my sleep time i made a start. it was like i was in a shop with gowns.

and i was in the fitting room wearing a “just choose it” gown.

i remember chuckling thinking you don’t yet own it but at least you’re wearing it

even if you’re still in the fitting room.

after that scene i fell into regular sleep

and when i woke from that i took a long time to connect with my eternal self.

then i thought to revisit the fitting room and instantly i was there.

i considered i was visiting the akashic records.

then thought is that what we do when we have dreams that recur frequently

moving one step forward when we revisit months or years later.

is that like the future is the past healed.

or parallel lives which are improved.

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