Now the time is upon us

The Finish Line is in sight, I am tired, I want to rest, to be comforted, and to be supported.

All of you, now that you can see the Finish Line, want to cross that line and bask in the glory. That will come. There’s just a bit more work to be done before the basking. It’s actually harder now that the Finish Line is in sight. Do not go backwards. 

Remember that you are never alone, that you are loved, and that you will be cared for.

Is cared for the same as provided for?

You will provide for yourself with our assistance.

And who are you who will be assisting me?

We are your Angelic Team, those who have known you in other lifetimes and in other Realities. We come here now to assist you as you take this very important next step, important both in your own development and in the development of Humanity. We Thank You for your Agreement to take this step and for the courage that you show by doing so.

We have All of Us awaited and hoped for this next step for eons of time. And we are grateful and excited that it has now arrived. It is like a Birth. The gestation period has been long and at times arduous. At times we wondered if Indeed there would ever Be Completion and Fruition.

Now the time is upon us.

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double numbers like 11:11 and 12:12

What is the significance of the double numbers (11:11 and 12:12) that I seem to see frequently on the clock and that I feel I respond to?

They are reminders for you

Reminders of what?

Reminders that you are connected to us. That we are here for you. That we have messages for you.

Can you tell me what the messages are?

That we love you. That we want what is best for you. That we are offering you encouragement.

Also to remind you to listen for the Messages.

And to ask for the messages.

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replaying old situations and experiences

Over the course of several months, I had much more than usual contact with both my biological family as well as the biological family of my grown children’s dad, due to weddings, births, deaths, and graduations.

Attending these gatherings was like replaying lots of old situations and experiences, sometimes even with the original players.

What seemed to happen was that an incident or a situation would occur and I could hear myself start to play the Old Tapes of “what so and so will do next”, “how that will make the other person feel”, “how I will then feel” etc, etc.

Hearing these Old Tapes play, I could feel my discomfort upon seeing my contribution in the Old Situations.

But this time instead of repeating my part in the Old Tapes, I seemed to be able to remain silent while reminding myself that these were Old Tapes and that they did not need to be replayed.

I saw myself beginning to Let Go of some of my old needs to blame and to fix.

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ME AND YOU .. a poem

I felt I had met you before

But introduced myself just to be sure.

You shook my hand and said hello

And I think even then I wanted to know

What about you drew me so

Why I felt comfortable to sit and talk

You asked great questions seemed quite sincere

I felt each of us wondering where to go from here.

The words we spoke had an impact

That neither of us chose to ignore

So I called you up

You said I’m oh so glad that you called

We agreed to meet

To explore the next phase. 

We talked we laughed we loved we grew

Perhaps much more that either of us knew

We discovered great passion but also great rage

You say I ask questions I say you evade

You want to date I want to relate

We’re each looking for safety but in different ways

I say if I feel I can trust you then I’ll tell you my truth

You say tell me your truth and I’ll see if I can trust you

We let fear intrude and we lost our way

Now neither of us knows quite what to say

Do we say you were good for me but now I must go?

Or do we say if I let go of the fear there’s so much more I can know?

It’s a difficult question we each know that

And we also know that’s where the answer is at

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Seeking, searching, looking for a clue

What to think what to do

Embracing the new leaving the old behind

Relax breathe deeply it’s Crossover Time. 

Your life’s a mess you’re totally confused

You’ve lost your job you’ve been abused

You’re hurt you’re angry afraid you might die

Relax breathe deeply it’s Crossover Time.

You rant you rave you rail you cry

Try as you might you can’t understand why

None of the old formulas seem to be working

Relax breathe deeply it’s Crossover Time.

Cross over to what you ask through the pain

Why shouldn’t I expect just more of the same

Because the world is changing that’s the reason why

Relax breathe deeply it’s Crossover Time.

Time to question, time to trust

What is a desire what is a must

The musts have to go so the desires can flow

Relax breathe deeply it’s Crossover Time.

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stories about masters and students

i was sitting outside with my coffee listening to the birds and gazing at the water when into my mind floated thoughts of adamus’s stories about masters and students.

and i realised that each time adamus began to tell one of these stories it was like i was transported back in time. a time that feels like how i envision the mystery schools to have felt.

and i saw/felt that previously i have seen/felt the master and the student as 2 separate people. the master looking/feeling distinctly like adamus and the student looking/feeling distinctly like me

but this morning i realise the master and the student are not 2 separate people. they are 2 separate parts of ME.

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was he at least a good looking Flasher?

I had met up with 2 friends who were all abuzz that they had just seen a Flasher.

Out of my mouth came “Well, was he at least a good looking Flasher?”

My friends were almost stern, saying “No, he was gross. We called the cops. The cops said we did the right thing, that people like this must be stopped or they will go on to do worse things etc, etc”.

Meanwhile, I realized that I was locked into compassion for the guy, thinking “Oh he’s just doing his thing. No need to get your knickers in a knot.”

Suddenly I was aware that one of my friends was giving me a look that said, “I’ve always been a bit concerned about you. Now I know you’re nuts”.

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