parts of me reporting on their experiences / insights

previously I would become aware that I was waking from sleep

and then allow my mind to snap me into reality by saying you’re awake, get on with your day.

Now there seems to be quite a space of time where I’m aware that I’m waking

but I tend to delay the 3D thought of I’m awake. the time when my mind / brain engages.

And during this delay it’s like I’m aware of / observing a discussion – feels like maybe several Aspects reporting on their experiences / insights during my sleep.

I don’t usually remember much of what was said.

After several minutes the discussion feels complete like I’ve collected myself – or parts of myself.

The night before I first experienced this I asked to remember what I had been up during my sleep time.

Maybe that asking prompted various parts of myself to “report in” as I was waking.

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It seemed preordained

While I had begun to realize that my days at my current job were numbered, I hadn’t reached a decision about when I might leave.

Apparently Spirit had!

My son and his Japanese fiancé were awaiting my daughter’s wedding in Canada before heading off to Japan.

Several family members were gathered at my daughter’s house. Discussion had led to the suggestion that following my daughter’s wedding, family members could travel to Japan (courtesy of my children’s father who was an airline employee) and have my son’s wedding there.

While this plan excited everyone involved, I knew that if I were to be away from my desk for the required 3 consecutive weeks, that I would not be able to make myself return to face my work backlog.

As I was driving away from my daughter’s house, I became aware of a vision of a train speeding along beside my car. I sensed that I was being asked if I intended to get on this train.

I also sensed that I was being informed that if I did get on, that neither I nor my life would ever be the same.

I spent a restless night.

The next morning I remembered that the company I was working for, asked employees to give thirty days notice when they were leaving.

I counted the days until my time off for my daughter’s wedding…thirty!

Then I almost burst out laughing as I realized that I already had an appointment that day, with the person to whom I would need to give my notice.

It seemed preordained.

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a memory of having been embalmed

i woke feeling “dry”. different than having a dry mouth or feeling dehydrated.

more like my body fluids were low or had been drained.

and my heart too didn’t feel warm and flowing.

took several minutes of sitting outside before i felt back to normal balance.

now wondering if i unearthed a memory of having been embalmed.

The methods of embalming that the ancient Egyptians used is called mummification.

the Egyptians removed all moisture from the body,

leaving only a dried form that would not easily decay. Aha !

i just thought of the possible implications of this.

if my consciousness remembers being embalmed

and we are now accessing more of our consciousness

or bringing more of it into our physical body

then no wonder we have friggin nightmares !

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2 young bucks doing some head butting / bashing

oct 4, 2018 memory ….

i’m sitting outside enjoying a pre-dawn smoke

when i hear the rustling of dried arbutus leaves off to the side of my patio.

oh probably that big buck that wandered past couple of years ago.

funny i haven’t seen him since.

then the rustling of leaves gets louder and takes on a thrashing tone. hmmm.

the noise is just outside of the illumination provided by my outdoor light

so i reach inside for my flashlight.

and i see it’s 2 young bucks doing some head butting / bashing

which they continue even with my flashlight beaming into their eyes.

i take my eyes off them briefly to retrieve my coffee

and glance up to see them running off.

one young buck chasing the other.

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and i finally surrendered

there is no bank on the small island where i have been living

so having encountered a banking issue that i needed to attend to in person

i researched the ferry schedule, banking hours etc

and decided the saturday noon ferry was the one to take.

well sat morning started out overcast.

2x during the morning my intuition said this is not the weather to take a ferry ride

and 2x my ego mind said but the research says it is.

by the time to leave for the ferry it was pissing down rain

and i finally surrendered

thinking even if i have to drive to the ferry 2/3 times next week before i get on

it’s better to enjoy the scenery and not get soaked walking to the bank.

sure enuf monday morning was brilliant sunshine.

i got on the ferry, seemed to have the highway to myself

got the last parking spot in the small parking lot

walked into the bank, only 1 customer

so i was in and out in 5 minutes.

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one rogue petunia ready to blossom

today sept 7 i add an update …..
she bloomed a beautiful medium pink color
and went on to become a complete plant
yesterday boasting 7/8 fully opened blooms
and several more blooms waiting in the wings
i’m sorry to report that overnight she disappeared
guess the deer felt she was ready to eat
r.i.p dear rogue petunia
thank you for coming into my life when you did


i live on an island

where the main challenge to having a flower garden

is negotiating with the deer

who seem to think flowers are planted to supplement their diet.

A couple of years ago

after 3 years of participating in the deer-challenge

i decided to concede

and turn to other pursuits.

imagine my surprise yesterday

when i walked by an abandoned planter

and saw one rogue petunia ready to blossom

rebirth !!!!

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if I had stated my Real Truth

I’m remembering a time when I had found myself in a position

where I needed immediately to find both a place to live

and a way to pay for it .

Within a week I found myself in a house-sitting situation

and with a well paying job for which I was marginally qualified.

At the time I was amazed and grateful for what seemed to be miracles.

But I have sometimes looked back and wondered what may have happened

had I not been so locked into the Belief that having a job

was the only way that my needs could be met.

I did get what I asked for

 a place to live and a way to pay for it.

But now I wonder what might have happened

if I had stated my Real Truth

which was that I wanted to continue my unstructured life

and to have my bills taken care of

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