money and being in the flow.

i was reading an article about how once you begin to shift your mindset your entire experience with money begins to change.

My response to this article is that i have had a variety of experiences re money & flow. once even going to the grocery store and thinking omg prices have taken a jump. but when i breathed and continued to shop i found that many of my “stock items” were the usual price and my favorite coffee was actually 1/2 price. that time i bought only a few items and the next time i returned to the store prices seemed to be back to “normal”.

as i was typing i wondered about timeline jumping. earlier i had wondered about our trust being tested. Regardless in my experience it hasn’t been a matter of stepping into the flow and being able to stay there. there seems to be a period of wobbling.

i am finding it helpful to take limited or only necessary action during the out of flow times and being more adventurous during the times of being in the flow.

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“you live here now”

i was doing some “porch sitting” and was pretty much lost in gazing at the water when into my awareness floated the phrase “you live here now” with equal emphasis on the words “here’ and “now”. this brought me a bit out of water-gazing mode and more into focus.

then i was brought scene after scene which involved the phrase “you live here now”
each scene involved 2 parts which somewhat balanced or contrasted with each other

for example in one scene i was a small girl maybe 6/7 years old
in part A it felt like i had been removed from my family of slaves, brought to the “main house” and told “you live here now” (i sensed as a servant)
in part B i was in an orphanage and taken to a large elaborate house and told “you live here 
now” (i sensed as part of the family, that i had been adopted)

so scene after scene with 2 parts which somewhat balanced or contrasted with each other 

then the “mood” changed a bit and it felt that it now also involved non-physical aspects. like i was bringing in some aspects that had never been here/to earth and saying to them “you live here now”. this time it felt less like displacement (as had the opening scenes) and more like a reunion or welcoming.

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fortifying my “feeling abundant”

for the past couple of years i have been fortifying my “feeling abundant” by no longer watching / checking as my groceries are being rung up. i do whatever i feel like doing during that time and when the cashier announces the total i happily pay that amount.

earlier this week i stopped for a couple of packs of cigarettes and when the cashier announced the total my mind jumped in and said whaaaat that much for 2 packs of cigarettes. so i double checked with the cashier who said oh i’m sorry i charged you for 3 packs.

then today i had a mirror image of that experience when i picked up a couple of small items at the hardware store. when the cashier announced the total my mind jumped in and said whaaaat so little for those 2 items. so i double checked with the cashier who said oh i’m sorry one item didn’t register.

and the really funny / weird thing is that my “overcharge” earlier in the week was almost to the penny the amount of my “undercharge” today. i feel there’s a cosmic wink in there somewhere.

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reflecting on discernment

I’ve been reflecting on discernment prompted by a memory of visiting with a friend who was telling me about a book she was reading and about which she was very excited.

while the topic of the book didn’t really interest me I listened for a few minutes mostly enjoying my friend’s pleasure in the topic.

after a few minutes my enjoyment turned to boredom and then to omg are you totally oblivious to the fact that I have absolutely no interest in this topic.

at the time I came away asking if I wanted to see this friend again . cos she was so insensitive

this morning I’m thinking perhaps what I saw/felt as insensitivity on her part was because she did not grow up in an environment where she learned to ‘read” how others felt about what she was saying.

the upside of this . for those of us who did grow up learning to “read” others and their responses. is that we may have an easier time with discernment which many are saying will be crucial in the days ahead

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things have a way of working out PERFECTLY !

When I was checking out renting this place I had a choice. Share the main floor with a young man who has lived here for years. Or rent the bottom floor suite. The choice was difficult as the main floor has floor to ceiling windows and a great deck each facing the water. But I would have a roommate !

The bottom floor has regular windows which means a view only while standing and restricted sunlight as the upstairs deck extends past the windows. Plus the sitting out space for the suite was under the deck and part of the space was being used as a storage space for unused items. But I would have my own space and be free to indulge my weird living patterns. So I decided upon the bottom floor figuring I could carve out a sitting out space somewhere else on the property.

My move here was delayed one month because a friend of the upstairs tenants needed a place to stay for one month. I was disappointed but there was nothing I could do to change the situation.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived to find that during her one month stay the friend had not only re-arranged the furniture into a much more workable format but she had cleared out a lot of stuff from under the deck to enlarge and de-clutter the sitting out area. A couple of days later the upstairs tenant moved his stuff that had been blocking the far end of this sitting out area which provides an opening to a flat sunny space AND that flat sunny space has probably the best view on the whole property as it looks out UNDER the branches of the evergreen trees.

So now I have a space to myself, a sunny space for sitting-out and a dynamite view !

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Hopefully my right side is now aligned

Decades ago during my final year at university (when i was contemplating my next move romantically + career wise) i injured my right ankle 3x, 1x quite severly. But i was working towards a degree in physical education so chose not to give my ankle time to heal properly before i was back on the field & court.

3 days ago i was weeding my gravel patio. As i sat on a little stool and reached for the weeds i guess i stretched my right ankle in an unfamiliar direction. At the time i felt a mild sensation but no real pain. The pain came over the next 2 days when i experienced leg ache similar to “growing pains”

Then yesterday i participated in a webinar which was a group constellations work around romantic + career decisions & boundaries. During the webinar so many of my issues got covered that i needed a 2 hour nap when the webinar was over. Lots of stuff got worked on/out during that nap. As it did during my sleep last night.

This morning i woke with so much pain going thru my system that i thought i might pass out. i felt a need for oxygen so i went to sit outside for a bit. But i couldn’t find a comfortable sitting position so i came back inside and propped myself up in bed with my leg outstretched and my bedroom window open.

I haven’t worked thru anything this severe since my years ago experience with bursitis in my right shoulder. Right shoulder, right hip. Hopefully my right side is now aligned and there will be no further severe episodes.

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“coming out” spiritually . people’s reaction may surprise you

I had made arrangements to take my daughter’s baby out at 2 pm. About an hour before it would be time for me to leave my home I start getting super restless and keep getting “Go Now” nudges. Finally I decide Just Go. you can garden or whatever if the baby is still sleeping. So thinking that it was probably because I was in need of grounding, off I went. I arrived to find my daughter essentially alone – baby napping,  5 yr old playing at the neighbor’s house and hubby off at the hardware store.

Now my daughter has known for at least a year that I do this “Internet Spiritual thing” on the 1st Saturday of each month but she has NEVER asked anything about it.
Today during the 30-40 minutes before her family members started showing up
she literally peppered me with questions. She was already familiar with “we create our own Reality” – she said Like the Secret.

I said yes but The Secret is about thoughts only, while I believe it also involves feeling.


Can’t remember how we got to the speck of God inside us but I remember using the analogy of how a drop of water is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the ocean. So we are a microcosm of the macrocosm of God/Spirit/Source.


So we are made of the same stuff as God and we can do anything that God can do. Only one blink then.


Amazing !

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