grounding an “old skill”

a few days ago in a constellations session i participated in, the facilitator had us “read” each other. i surprised myself by doing quite well with 2 of the 5 others.

for one i saw a past life as a viking explorer not a warrior but an explorer. The woman said how when she had lived in norway she felt she understood the language instantly.

for the other who had asked about her upcoming year i saw her on stage speaking. turns out she has a coach lined up for the whole year to help her with stage presentations using voice & movement.

i didn’t get anything for the others who were not visible and i seem to need to see their face to make a connection with them.

when i first started describing what i got from the first woman, the facilitator asked if i wanted to stand up as i told what i was seeing. i said no i don’t want to 🙂 then it was like i had a surge of determination or inspiration and said yes i will stand.

and standing made me feel “stronger”. perhaps i was grounding an “old skill”. our intention for the exercise was to bring forward any gifts from our ancestors, past lives etc.

The next day for perhaps an hour or 2 i felt intense fear/anxiety.

the following day an hour or 2 of intense anger.

I’m wondering if the intense feelings were related to me having claimed past “reading” abilities.

About sharon-clark-rowlands

Sharon Clark Rowlands is the author of “Oh, We Should Have Told You” which is the outgrowth of a Journal kept during several years spent in the pursuit of personal growth and spirituality. The book contains both personal experiences and “messages from someone outside of myself” and will stimulate you to reflect upon and to gain insights into your own experiences and provide you with inspiration and comfort as you navigate your own Spiritual Journey. view Sharon's author page at and her facebook page for her book
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