”is he any good?”

Grabbing my purse to head out to meet a friend for coffee, I wondered why my purse felt so heavy. Checking the contents I discovered that I had allowed a lot of coins to accumulate in my change purse. As I didn’t feel like carrying this weight I left my coin purse on the counter and walked out the door.

One block short of the café where I was to meet my friend I realized a) that I was 15 minutes early, b) standing beside a bench on the sidewalk and c) that the sun was shining on that bench. Wonderful! I’ll sit in the sun for 10 minutes and then walk the last block to the café.

As I sat there in the sun I noticed that on the corner across the street a young man was playing a keyboard. Delightful. Music to accompany my sitting in the sun. Then I chuckled thinking I really have no idea whether or not he would be considered to be playing well (as I am not overly musically inclined) but I am enjoying his playing nevertheless. I had the thought that I would like to drop a coin in his basket when I walked past him. 

Just as I was remembering that I wouldn’t be able to do that as I had left my coin purse at home, I heard a man’s voice behind me ask ”is he any good?” huh? I turned around and behind the bench stood a friendly looking well-dressed man. I said I don’t know whether or not he’s any good because I’m not overly musically inclined. but I am enjoying listening to him. The man said that he was thinking the same thing. that he wasn’t overly musically inclined but he was enjoying the guy’s playing. Hmmmmm.

We chatted briefly about the pleasant weather etc. and then the man asked if I would be walking across the street and past the musician. I said yes in about 5 minutes I will. The man then pulled some change out of his pocket and asked would I give this change to the musician as the man was walking in the other direction. I said of course I will and added that what was so funny and I told him about leaving my change purse at home etc. Whereupon the man pulled more change out of his pocket and said here you can give him this from you.

And off the man walked leaving me sitting there in awe of what had just happened.

About sharon-clark-rowlands

Sharon Clark Rowlands is the author of “Oh, We Should Have Told You” which is the outgrowth of a Journal kept during several years spent in the pursuit of personal growth and spirituality. The book contains both personal experiences and “messages from someone outside of myself” and will stimulate you to reflect upon and to gain insights into your own experiences and provide you with inspiration and comfort as you navigate your own Spiritual Journey. view Sharon's author page at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/SharonsStore and her facebook page for her book https://www.facebook.com/Oh-We-Should-Have-Told-You-111028689006524/
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