I thank you mom I thank you dad

I’m sorry for the lives that you each had

The times were hard as we each know

Wishing it were different won’t make it so

Or maybe it will if we realize

It’s time and mistakes that make us wise

We do the best that we can as things unfold

Only later do we see a better way

We wish we’d acted differently way back then

But that’s the lesson we’ve come here to learn

It’s the regrets we have that help us change

Everything else we do the same

About sharon-clark-rowlands

Sharon Clark Rowlands is the author of “Oh, We Should Have Told You” which is the outgrowth of a Journal kept during several years spent in the pursuit of personal growth and spirituality. The book contains both personal experiences and “messages from someone outside of myself” and will stimulate you to reflect upon and to gain insights into your own experiences and provide you with inspiration and comfort as you navigate your own Spiritual Journey. view Sharon's author page at and her facebook page for her book
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2 Responses to MOM AND DAD

  1. Beautiful Sharon 😘

  2. Sharon Rowlands says:

    thanks barbara ❤

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